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carnivals chinchero.png
This skirt, called a pollera, may be worn in multiples and is made of hand-spun plain weave wool or, sometimes, commercial fabric.

Young girls are first exposed to these ideas in childhood, when they begin making jakimas (narrow woven ribbons)

To wind, skein, and ply, single strands of yarn are first rolled into balls, and then skeined and washed.

mayu ley 1.png
This design represents a river using the ley technique. Water is vital for sustaining life and is represented in weavers' designs in many different ways .


laraypu 1.png
This design signifies a field or furrow. A furrow is a trench created by using a plow.

taclla q'enqo 1-2.png
This design is a zig zag pattern that symbolizes a single-bladed plow.

rosas 2.png
This design refers to rose flowers.

pacay 1-2.png
This design represents the pacay fruit.

t'ica rosas 1-2.png
This design means rose flowers.

quinray t'ica 1-2.png
This design refers to a flower from the other side.